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Purpose and Scope

This project is within a region that is expected to experience population and employment growth, which translates into increased travel demand.

During the Phase I (Preliminary Engineering and Environmental Study) portion of this project, DoTH will evaluate and anticipate future transportation needs along the corridor and recommend various improvements to the transportation infrastructure, including:

  • roadway improvements (such as pavement, drainage and intersection upgrades)
  • enhancing pedestrian/bicycle accommodations

The overall goal of the project is to improve mobility, safety and the condition of transportation facilities for all users.

The project team will develop the proposed improvements based on public input and examine the potential benefits and effects that the proposed improvements will have on the community and the surrounding environment.

Project Process and Schedule

DoTH projects typically are divided into three phases, each with a public involvement component.

Phase I 24 months
Phase II 18-24 months

What’s involved: developing detailed engineering contract plans, acquiring land (if needed) and securing funds.

Phase III 18-24 months

What’s involved: construction of the project.

Project Team Members

The following team is working with DoTH on the project:

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  • american surveying & engineering
  • ftg fish transportation group
  • hbm engineering
  • wang engineering

Local organizations and leaders are also supporting the project by helping gather public input and consistently sharing information and updates with communities.